DailyDirt: Beyond The Door, There’s Peace I’m Sure

in the web addresses we-search up dept Weve pointed out some interesting methods to relaxation in peace before turning the body into diamonds or delivering your ashes into orbit It might be a little morbid however, many space fans actually want to leave the earth despite theyve died If you wish to leave our planet (after dying) you can aquire a ticket on several type of spacecraft headed off past the Earth A startup known as Elysium Space will launch your ashes into space — as well as get cremated remains towards the moon The very first 50 purchasers can get an earlier bird cost of $9950 to visit the moon and then itll cost you $11950 Just using up in orbit (also known as the Shooting Star option) costs just $1990 [url]

The ashes of Clyde Tombaugh the man who discovered Pluto are flying from our photo voltaic system into deep space Tombaughs remains (just an oz) were packed on NASAs New Horizons probe to research Pluto together with a couple of other mementos That spacecraft is coasting beyond Pluto now making Tombaugh the body thats traveled the farthest [url]

The ashes of Gene Roddenberry and the wife in addition to Arthur C Clarke and James Doohan were planned to become put in deep space too Nevertheless the Sunjammer mission was cancelled so their ride on the photo voltaic sail spacecraft may need to wait Celestis the organization behind this space memorial has sent a few of these ashes into space before so itll most likely repeat the process on another mission (or maybe Sunjammer is elevated) [url]

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