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Obuh & Tetteh: A passion for coaching

Two African teams advanced past the group stage in the FIFA U-20 World Cup Poultry 2013 with Ghana and Nigeria evolving using their particular sections Both regular outsiders only at that level the happy couple have another thing in keeping too each campaign being helmed by charming leaders of males who have been once gifted gamers themselves

Ghanas Sellas Tetteh symbolized legendary club Hearts of Oak and many Nigerian clothes before separate spells responsible for his countrys U-17 U-23 and U-20 sides in the last decade The 56-year-olds finest hour arrived 2009 as he brought the U-20s around the world title in Egypt For John Obuh he came tantalisingly near to clinching a worldwide crown within the same year as he steered Nigerias U-17s towards the final from the FIFA U-17 World Cup on home soil The erstwhile forward won’t get the opportunity to higher that achievement at Poultry 2013 however as his side were removed by Uruguay within the last 16 and that he has walked lower as Nigerias U-20 coach

Despite the fact that disappointment the guy renowned for his flamboyant headgear – putting on a Stetson in Colombia and beret in Poultry – isn’t going to quit his convictions Like Tetteh whose expenditure is still within the search for U-20 glory the 53-year-old is really a guy of steadfast concepts Former team-mates at Nigerian club Julius Berger the 2 males were therefore excellent company once they sitting lower with FIFAcom for any frank and passionate discussion from the tournament their very own teams performances and African football generally

FIFAcom: Gentlemen what were your particular goals once the FIFA U-20 World Cup started? Sellas Tetteh (ST): The introduction of the gamers For all of us the problem has transformed a little as were within the quarter-finals and you want to win Its a learning process for that boys but for the coach Our goal continues to be development nevertheless its important too to visit completely within the tournament Were attempting to mix the 2

John Obuh (JO): Its an essential competition because if you do not do things well only at that level you will not go onto succeed in the level above Its your final hurdle before joining the elite You will find lots of gamers who’ll change from the U-20 team towards the senior team so its vital that you succeed

What is your opinion gamers learn within an atmosphere such as this? ST: Should you consider the eight teams remaining were along side it which had the most challenging start But my gamers fought their way through with many different spirit Theyve found that in football there is nothing ever over before the final whistle Thats an essential lesson

JO: For all of us everything is quite different as weve been removed The gamers need to comprehend particularly that in competitions such as this it is the referee who decides everything Anything they might be feeling it is the referee that has the ultimate say and thats just the actual way it may be the referee has his reasons and hes doing the very best he is able to too Poor that match [against Uruguay] the boys required to stay relaxed and never react too rapidly – but human instinct is what it’s

You’ve both tried several worldwide competitions as coaches and without doubt possessed a whole selection of feelings That was the finest challenge? JO: For me personally this tournament has unquestionably been the most challenging We’d more pressure than normal upon us to obtain results therefore we needed to develop a team knowing that Its a genuine challenge to mix building for future years with getting leads to the immediate present

ST: Id the U-20 World Cup in ’09 Apart from a draw against Uruguay we won all of our matches It had been challenging to remain in the same higher level In comparison ideas had difficulties to start with so we departed to some strange start But Ive loved this too – its just different Another teams have previously arrived at their peak and therefore are in route lower again Within our situation were getting more powerful and more powerful We have to maintain and control that progress and well observe how that calculates against Chile

The aim would be to make certain that afterwards theyre sufficiently strong psychologically to cope with the tough moments that inevitably come

John Obuh on the significance of a gamers mental development

Inside a tournament such as this would you enable your gamers get out there and take full advantage of finding yourself in the host country or do you’d rather keep an eye on them? ST: It is dependent You’ll need a little of both I would like my gamers to become happy – thats fundamental They have to have a great time but everything needs to be moderately They require an innovator – me – because thats the way you obtain the best from them The connection between gamers and coach is essential

JO: You must know the African attitude is not like the European one Our boys may be depressed by some things which is not always the situation with European gamers Due to you need to keep them focused throughout the tournament Obviously we allow them to venture out every so often like a group also to produce a good atmosphere and provide them just a little freedom We didnt get it done too frequently though as that does not fully trust the African attitude

Only at that level do you consider it’s more essential for that gamers to build up psychologically in order to enhance their football? JO: The mental aspect is vital and thats what you could possess the most affect on The aim would be to make certain that afterwards theyre sufficiently strong psychologically to cope with the tough moments that inevitably come This is actually the ideal time to speak to them explain this important side of football making them realize that things are linked: you need to be strong in your thoughts in addition to in good physical shape

ST: Each aspect count What is great when you train with youngsters may be the satisfaction you receive from watching them grow and transform A number of my former gamers still arrived at see me which fills me with pleasure

Theyve found that in football there is nothing ever over before the final whistle Thats an essential lesson

Sellas Tetteh on which he thinks his Ghana team have discovered

Exist variations between African South American and European teams only at that age and when what exactly could they be? ST: Elsewhere development is key In Africa were less than there yet which makes things harder But were determined We are able to fight and were passionate but may I recieve the sense that African gamers dont have a similar tactical instincts When they can go and play in Europe though their passion and determination combined with collective discipline there creates an excellent cocktail

JO: For me personally you will find lots of variations African gamers have technical characteristics theres without doubt about this however they lack collective discipline Thats something thats difficult to train them simply because they believe a lot in their own individual personal talent – an excessive amount of actually since you see matches in which the individual takes priority within the team European sides tend to be more sincere from the instructions they get and consequently they obey the tactics made the decision on in the beginning before the finish of the overall game

Both of you performed the overall game her Has that assisted you to definitely be much better coaches? JO: Should you performed in a certain level there is no question it can help you be a coach Its just like a child who watches his father and attempts to take something aboard thatll help him grow afterwards that child will attempt to pass through by himself understanding and experience

ST: Absolutely I recall perfectly what my coaches stated in my experience and that i pass that onto my boys within my own way Sometimes I only say to my team: What Im telling at this point you is one thing I had been trained two decades ago But simply since you were a great player does not mean you will be a great coach You’ll need a large amount of passion humbleness and stamina

What remember about playing together? ST: Ah he would be a very gifted guy very effective Us Ghanaians accustomed to go and play in Nigeria since it was our Eldorado at that time We experienced some good moments together at Julius Berger – we actually loved ourselves a great deal

JO: He was among the best midfielders of his era an excellent player I had been a forward and that he offered me a large amount of good passes also it would be a real pleasure to experience together Plus hes still my pal that is what matters most

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